Knox Life Magazine

Knox Life Magazine

Knox Life is a monthly publication focusing on the Fort Knox community. Each issue we focus on topics that matter to your and your family.

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In this issue:

Take Part in the Season of Giving
This year, challenge yourself and your family to look for ways to practice generosity and selfess service.

Fort Knox Spotlight: First Responders
Take a moment to read about a few of our local first responders, and remember always to thank them for their service!

Financially Preparing for the Holidays
Knowing what you can afford plays a big part in whether or not you’ll still be paying on Christmas six months from now.

Knox Happenings
Check out this month's upcoming event calendar to plan ahead for you and your family.

Each month, we highlight recent community events by sharing some of our favorite photos.

2019: By the Numbers
We take a fun look at what Ft. Knox Family and MWR has been up to over the last 12 months.

Office Secret Santa: Do’s and Don’ts
We provide some guidelines you can follow to ensure what’s meant to be enjoyable doesn’t turn into to a drag.

Holiday Classics
Here’s a top 10 list of the best holiday movies of all time as well as a a list of all the video games your family wants this year.

Take a Trip to Chicago Christkindlmarket
The Chicago Christkindlmarket is one of the biggest holiday markets in the world, and we want to take you there!

Gift Guide: Want, Need, Wear, & Read
Save money and time by focusing on meaningful gifts your family will appreciate and use.

Traditional Twelfth Night Cake
Not all fruit cakes are created equal. Try this recipe for a delicious Kentucky Bourbon flavored version of this Christmas Classic.

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