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March Madness Bowling Tournament

Do you have what it takes to win this single elimination tournament?

Note: This event has already passed.

Houston Bowling Center presents the March Madness Single Elimination Tournament with Handicap.

This is a SANCTIONED 64-person Single Elimination Bowling Tournament is open to the public with a 3 game qualifying series with handicap starting at 4:30pm on Saturday. Single Elimination bracket games will be bowled on Sunday at 10am.

Tournament Rules:

1. Access to Fort Knox: To access Fort Knox, you must have a valid driver's license or Identification card. If you have never been to Fort Knox, or are not sure if you have vetted to enter Fort Knox, you must go to the Visitor Center at Chaffee Gate near the Gold Vault. Click here for gate information and documents needed to access Fort Knox. 

2. Rules: USBC rules will apply to this tournament. This is a sanctioned tournament. 

3. Eligibility: This tournament is open to all adult members of the United States Bowling Congress. USBC rules and regulations will govern this tournament. Entrants must have a current USBC card or purchase membership at the tournament site. 

4. Entry Fees: No registration form will be accepted without entry fee. Refunds will not be available once entry fee is paid. All fees go towards lineage and prize fund. 

5. Averages: A bowler will use their previous 2020 highest book average of 21 games or more. If a bowler has no previous season book average, the bowler shall use the highest current league average. Current league averages must be proven from latest current league standing sheet, to be accompanied by a registration form. If no book average or current league average can be verified, the bowler will use a 210 average and receive no handicap. If the bowler's average is from a sport league, average will be adjusted according to the Average Adjustment Chart from the USBC. 

6. Ten Pin Rule: If your current league average is 10 pins higher than your current year's book average, your current league average will be used for handicap purposes. 

7. Handicap: The handicap for this tournament will be 90% of the difference between the bowler's average and 210. A minimum average of 125 will be used for handicap purposes. 

8. Tardiness: Any bowler not present at the start time on Saturday qualifiers has until the end of the 4th frame of bowlers on the pair of lanes to show up. If the bowler arrives at the 5th frame, that bowler will receive a 0 for the first game. They may enter the series after the first game is bowled then.  Any bowler not present at the start time on Sunday for their first round of single elimination bowling will receive a 0 score for every frame they miss. A tardy bowler can enter the game at the time of arrival, no matter what frame the opponent is in. 

9. Prize Reporting: For this tournament, first prize will be no higher than $599. If a bowler was to win more than $599 in any event, a 1099 would need to be filled out. 

10. Prizes: Prize money will be paid out one place for every 8 bowlers. Prize money will be returned 100%.

11. Places: Placing for the top 8 will be based on scores with handicap. Placing for 5th though 8th are the losing scores of the elite 8 games, 3rd and 4th are the losing scores of the final 4, and 1st and 2nd are based on the championship match.

12. Ties: In the event of a tie between bowlers during bracket matches, the 10th frame will be removed and the bowlers will bowl 10th frame over pin for pin until a winner is decided. 

13. Management: Tournament director will have the right to resolve all questions and disputes concerning tournament play. All decisions made by the tournament director will be final. 

14. Masks: Masks are mandatory and must be worn at all times. No exceptions to this rule. You may pull down the mask on the approach but they must be replaced before leaving the approach. 


Pre-registration - $45 Per bowler 

Day of Tournament - $55 Per bowler

Registration Information

Register in person at Houston Bowling Center.

Day of registration closes at 4pm. 

Houston Bowling Center