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The Fort Knox Intramural Sports Program offers Active Duty Military the opportunity to enhance individual morale and unit esprit de corps through individual and team competition. Intramural sports include activities such as softball, golf, bowling, soccer, flag football, racquetball, volleyball, and basketball.

2018 Fort Knox Sports Calendar

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All Army Sports

Active Duty Soldiers who are interested in participating in All Army Sports must submit applications to the Intramural Sports Coordinator. Candidates are advised to visit the All Army Sports website for an updated calendar of sports, dates, entry deadlines and application information.

Strong Man 2015 Results

Women's Heavy Weight

Place Name 
1st  Tia Ameperosa 

Women's Light Weight

Place Name
1st Marcia Shelton

Men's Super Heavy Weight

Place Name
1st Michael Clark
2nd Orrin Turner
3rd Vincent Norris
4th Josh Cruz

Men's Heavy Weight

Place Name
N/A No Participants

Men's Middle Weight

Place Name
1st Orrin Turner
2nd Adam Parker
3rd Chris Cole
4th Christopher Goforth
5th Aaron Hernandez
6th Rockye Smith
7th Eric McPherson
8th Nathan Henwood

Men's Light Weight

Place Name
1st Gino Masao
2nd Aaron Cony
3rd James O'Connel
4th Zachary Crowe

View photos of the 2015 Fort Knox Strongman Competition