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Intramural Sports

COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 National Pandemic Safety Rule Changes for Players & Umpires:

  1. COVID-19 rules will remain in place during the season unless we return to health protection condition level Alpha AND are authorized to lift the rules per the Garrison Commander.
  2. All games will be played without spectators to control crowd gatherings and to ensure Social Distancing. Spectators are not allowed to enter the Sports Complex. PLAYERS, COACHES, UMPIRES & SCOREKEEPERS ONLY!
  3. Home Plate Umpires, Catchers, Batters, and Base Runners are required to wear protective masks.
  4. Players in the dugouts/bleachers must continue social distancing (at least 6 feet apart) at all times. Players do not have to wear their protective masks in the dugouts/bleachers. No more than 4 people in the dugout at one time. The remainder of the players will have to go outside of the playing field to continue social distancing in the bleachers or along the fence line. If players in the dugouts/bleachers fail to practice the 6 foot Social Distancing Guideline, then all players will be required to wear their protective masks for the remainder of the game.
  5. All authorized personnel are required to have their temperatures taken at the Kilianski Sports Complex entrance by MWR Staff.
  6. All authorized personnel are required to sanitize their hands at the Kilianski Sports Complex entrance.
  7. Players and umpires without protective masks will not be allowed to participate during league games. Do not share your masks.
  8. Coaches must ensure all players equipment has been sanitized prior to warming up before the game.
  9. Sanitizing stations will be set up at each field. All players and Umpires are required to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the field gate.
  10. Game balls will be rotated and sanitized by the field umpire between every half inning and when balls are put into play. Plate umpire will make sure at least the pitcher and catcher sanitize their hands between each half inning.
  11. Batters, Catchers, and Umpires will practice social distancing while behind Home Plate. (Batter in batter’s box, Catcher 6 feet back and Umpire 6 feet back. Triangle formation.)
  12. All water fountains and dugout water coolers will be inaccessible during Intramural Competitions. All players will be required to bring their own personal water or sports bottles. (Alcohol is always prohibited).
  13. Players, Coaches, and Umpires cannot touch each other with fist bumps, hugs or high fives.
  14. Players, Coaches, and Umpires cannot spit or chew tobacco or sunflower seeds in the Sports Complex.
  15. Coaches will not exchange lineup cards in their typical pregame ritual. Coaches must stand apart (6 feet or more) and exchanges line ups verbally.
  16. All players and Umpires will be required to follow MWR Guidelines and changes. Non-compliant person(s) will be asked to leave the facility.
  17. All bleachers will be marked using social distancing guidelines. For additional information or questions, call the Sports Office at (270) 272-4873.

Softball player about to take a swing

The Fort Knox Intramural Sports Program offers active-duty military the opportunity to enhance individual morale and unit esprit de corps through individual and team competition. Intramural sports include activities such as softball, golf, bowling, soccer, flag football, racquetball, volleyball, and basketball.

2022 Fort Knox Intramural Sports Calendar

  • Intramural Volleyball: February - April at Natcher Fitness Center
  • Kickball Tournament: April 30th at Kilianski Sports Complex
  • Intramural Softball: May - July at Kilianski Sports Complex
  • Intramural Basketball Summer Skills Tournament: July 2nd at Natcher Fitness Center
  • Intramural Soccer: August - September at Kilianski Sports Complex
  • Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Tournament: September at Kilianski Sports Complex
  • Intramural Flag Football: September - November at Kilianski Sports Complex
  • Dodgeball Tournament: December 3rd at Natcher Fitness Center
  • Intramural Basketball: December - February at Natcher Fitness Center
All Army Sports

Active-duty Soldiers who are interested in participating in All Army Sports must submit applications to the Intramural Sports Coordinator. Candidates are advised to visit the All Army Sports website for an updated calendar of sports, dates, entry deadlines and application information.

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