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Sensory Friendly Bowling

Get ready for an afternoon of strikes and spares in our sensory friendly environment!

Note: This event has already passed.

Have some fun with your family, brush up on your bowling skills, or roll the ball down a lane for the first time, in our sensory friendly, supportive, and understanding environment.

During this hour, we have adapted our facility to accommodate individuals with sensory sensitivities or disabilities. Everyone loves to have fun and we find it extremely important that we create a comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy!

Features you will find during our Sensory Friendly Bowling Hour include:

Sound: The music will be paused to provide a quieter space to those who may be sensitive to sound.

Lights: The bright lights will be reduced to create a more soothing atmosphere for individuals who may be sensitive to bright and/or flashing lights.

Limited Crowds: Lanes 1 through 8 will be reserved for sensory friendly bowling only. This reduces potential stress for individuals who prefer a less crowded environment.

Adaptive Equipment: We offer bowling balls of lighter weight and more finger holes for individuals that feel more in control and comfortable when bowling this way.

Shoes: Although we do require that shoes be worn for safety, we have bowling buddies available for purchase. Bowling buddies are covers that go over a person's regular shoes. A safe alternative to protect toes from having bowling balls dropped on them or getting stepped on. This also helps to alleviate the stress and worry from anyone that might be uncomfortable wearing different shoes.

Food: Food and beverages are available for purchase through Strike Zone at Houston Bowling Center.

TRAINED STAFF: All of our staff have received inclusion and sensitivity training to ensure they are sensitive to accommodations and needs during our sensory friendly bowling.

For questions, please call (502) 624-4067 or email


• $3 per game

• EFMP Families, register through EFMP* for free shoe rental
   *To register, please call (502) 624-4067

Registration Information

Call (502) 624-4067