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Computer Access

What do I need to use a computer or to print?

All Active Duty Soldiers and their Families, Retired Military, DoD Civilians, contractors, National Guard and Reservists are welcome to use the computers and printer.

What can I do with the computer?

All computers are equipped with commercial internet access, Microsoft Office programs, built-in CAC readers and a variety of Army mandated training applications. You may use external storage devices with these computers as they operate on a commercial network.

How long can I use the computer?

Computers offer a standard 60 minute session. If no one is waiting, you will be given the opportunity to extend your session.

What if all the computers are busy?

You can make a reservation for the next available computer at the Reservation Station. However, priority will be given to Soldiers in uniform.

Do you have computers on the DoD network?

Yes, we have a limited number of DoD visitor computers. Please sign in at the front desk if you would like to use one. External devices are not permitted on these computers.